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Sanaat Osve Iranian has cooperated German engineering consultant group, ECKROHR KESSEL, and Idrotermici S.P.A and Pleuci P.A companies from Italy and engineering consultant group, Thermo Design, in Steam Boiler, Recovery Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Gas Heater's design and manufacturing technology fields and now it cooperates with UMAG Company as its German joints very closely and extensively to design and manufacture Water tube Boiler and HRSG.
Sanaat Osve Iranian's contact and cooperation with well known, famous and credible companies, as an iranian firm, indicates having high level technical power, international competition ability, using up to date knowledge amd technology and skilled engineers, technicians and workers.
With a track record going back about 30 years, Sanaat Osve Iranian has established an excellent reputation for its engineering and manufacturing of Hot Water Boilers and industrial Steam Boilers and is able to do each industrial project in design and equipments manufacturing field.
Sanaat Osve Iranian was established in 1977 and began to manufacture in Alborz industry town simultaneously. At first, it started to manufacture hot water boilers, packages and radiators under license of A.C.V. and SOCOTHER of Belgium. Then by devloping purpose and sake to multiplying the variety of its products and needs of customers, has manufactured Fire tube Boilers up to 10 Ton/Hr capacities at bar pressure since 1981.
By increasing demands for Water tube Boilers; Sanaat Osve Iranian made a contract eith VOLCANO Company as its Canadian joint in 1992 and transfered Water tube Boiler manufacturing technology. Meanwhile it imported 50 Water tube Steam Boilers as CKD and after assembling offered them to iranian industrial market.
After a while Sanaat Osve Iranian sake to production's quality enhancement, connecting to international marketing, contnuing leadership role in iran to use up to date knowledge and technology; attempted to contact and contract and contract with well known international manufactures. Now Sanaat Osve Iranian has the cooperation agreement and Tech Info exchanging with many of credible companies, firms and engineering consultant groups. These reasons have been caused that Sanaat Osve Iranian be a credible and well known company in boiler manufacturing field.


Sanaat Osve Iranian's Hot Water boilers have Plan Certificate of TUV institute as well as its Steam boiler's Plan Certificate of Lioyd's institute.
All Sanaat Osve Iranian's products are described below, it should be emphasized that these products are manufacturedin the routine capacities but in all cases it is possible to change these capacities based on customer's need
Sanaat Osve Iranian's Fire tube and Water tube boilers are conforming to the B.S and ASME standard of the latest technology in the world respectively. Our products also have Iran Standard 4231 and 7911 due to design and manufacture principals observation and international standards conforming.
Sanaat Osve Iranian during the years has manufactured heating and thermal systems and equipments. By having a 30 years brilliant background in Iran industry, always has attempted to produce variety of heat systems and in several times based on country or customer's need has developed level quality and variety of its products due to the high techincal ability and flexibility of its factory. Now, Sanaat Osve Iranian manufactures several types of Hot water boilers and Steam Boilers in Fire tube and Water tube and HRSG forms in extended range of different capacities according to latest international standards.
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I)Warm Water Boilers

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III)Fire Tube Steam Boilers

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IV)Water Tube Steam Boilers



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